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Soh Jun Peng

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Lakeside Pri Sch'05
Jurongville Sec Sch'10

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Republic Polytechnic
Diploma in Integrated Events Management


Chiroru Hoshino
Taketatsu Ayana


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August 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hey buddy,
As you are trying to get your sleep and chill down, many things have been running on my mind. I am now writting this at Pasir Ris Park. Whatever you said have been listened by us and we hope that you understand that every single one of us here are trying to help you. Firstly, if anyone notices, i have removed all the 'bros' and 'sis' that i had on my facebook due to a point of time when i was at the lowest point of my life. All those shit that you have gone thru, i believe i had gone thru them too. These kind of people are to be found at many points of your life. You would get to see people that are far worse than what you are experiencing now. But you have to stay strong my dear friend. I know its not easy to go thru a life filled with people talking bad behind your back... Because right now, in my poly life, i get the most humiliations by my classmates... Both secondary and poly life! They may seem to be appearing to help you, but in reality, they have all sorts of plans under their sleeves to get me down. Just like you which you said that no one is willing to help you in your ss project, i myself does not have a single person to join my team when my teacher asked me to be 1 of the team leader... No one joined me at all... And if we're to talk about my secondary school life, im just like a substitute to whatever things that they are doing.... All i get for replies when they go chalet/bbqs/having fun together are "sorry forgot about you".
Enough talking about my life... What i want you to know is that you have to stay strong and move on! Don't keep everything to yourself. Even if no one in your class is willing to help you, everyone here in this chalet have more than enough experience and studies level to help you with your studies have ears that are ready to listen to you and give advices. (or at least myself) All the above stories that i am sharing with you are just pits and bits being summarized up. I understand that whatever you have told us might not have been the complete story of yours since we arent much close to each other and some of us are just new faces to you. Like i said, i dont have any cliques that i consider as real friends in school since sec 1 till now. The only friends or people i can turn to is my own family members which dont really know much about our school lifes nowadays. After your life in secondary schools, you will find out that these people are going to be history, but not the results you achieve.

You find new friends in poly, and a fresh new life.
Life dont just stop at one point and we all have to learn how to move on.
I'm not sure if you finished reading this grandmother grandfather story of mine, but do know that you have friends like Jasmine and us. I dun accept family requests on facebook as easily as the past now.
Dont keep everything to yourself. Share it with us and we might just be able to cheer you up even the slightest bit... Trust me that it really helps!
Good luck in your coming tests and examinations!

Jun Peng :D 4:52 AM

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