Born on 25th May 1993

Soh Jun Peng

Graduated From
Lakeside Pri Sch'05
Jurongville Sec Sch'10

Currently Studying at
Republic Polytechnic
Diploma in Integrated Events Management


Chiroru Hoshino
Taketatsu Ayana


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August 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

[Universal Studio Singapore]
Chalet has ended. Good things always come to an end.
Had lots of fun with Daniel, Jasmine, Sin Lee, MK, Nelson, Kenneth, Jay, CS, Clement...
really wish to spend more time together with you guys...
Made a promised something with CS. 20 years down the route, we'll be meeting up. 19th August 2031. Let's see who will forget about this... lolx.

I found the person with the personality i have been looking for.... but the chance is gonna be slim. almost impossible perhaps. haish.

Once again, did KOI delivery for cousins and this time for buddy!
Buddy called me dabian :< just because i sent dabian emoticons which cannot be seen without installing emoticon >.>" so now, i'm calling buddy xiaobian; the 'small version' HAHA!!
okay, enough fooling around...
OB ended pretty badly today, and i keep having the feeling that i'd fail again (felt this after every time after UT1 & 2)... cognitive happened to be like this too.. haiz..
My target for poly is to at least or minimum sustain my GPA at 3.0 or higher... +_+

Science UT 3 tomorrow... although it's my most confident paper, i really hope i won't mind blank like today when i enter the UT key....

Jun Peng :D 9:00 PM

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